Pap Smear Dubai | 25 March 2022

Women’s health is an important topic for people everywhere. If you’re a woman who wants to enjoy a happy, fulfilling, and productive life, regular wellness exams are an absolute must.

Routine pap smears are essential. Pap smears, in brief, are screenings that detect the presence of cervical cancer in women. They’re frequently referred to as “pap tests” as well. There are quite a few advantages linked to regular pap smears. Don’t dismiss any symptoms that may suggest that you need a pap smear. These potential symptoms include redness, persistent itching of the vaginal area, odd odors, swelling, painful urination, lumps, sores, pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge, warts, blisters and rashes.

Screening can in some cases keep cervical cancer at bay. pap smears may have the ability to stop the majority of cervical cancers from developing. That’s because these screenings can detect unusual shifts in cervical cells. These are pre-cancers. This gives Dr. Barbara Karin Vela the opportunity to refer patient for treatment of pre-cancers prior to them becoming actual cancer. Early cervical cancer detection can be a lifesaver for women. Pap smears encourage early detection. If a doctor discovers that a patient has cervical cancer in its early stage, her chances of a good treatment outcome are extremely high. If you’re a woman who wants to do everything in your power to save yourself from the risks of cervical cancer, a pap smear is one of the smartest things you can do, period.

Women typically should receive pap smears when they reach 21 years in age. They then should get these tests done in intervals of three years. Once they reach 30 years old, they should get these screenings in intervals of three to five years. If you have any concerns regarding how often you should get pap smears, you should speak with Dr. Barbara Karin Vela as soon as possible for further information.

Getting into the practice of having an annual pap smear is the best way to stay proactive about your health. Undergoing regular pap smears lower your risk of dying from cervical cancer. Some other benefits include:

– allows you to find cancer when you may have no symptoms

– it may reduce anxiety if a negative result is shown

– diagnoses cancer in its most treatable stage

– diagnoses cancer before it spreads

Dr Barbara Karin Vela is an International Member of Royal College Of General Practitioners, UK

Pap Smear Dubai | 25 March 2022