An annual health check up is an excellent way to share and review any health concerns you are worried about. The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is so true! This is so much better than waiting for issues to get worse. A medical assessment will offer you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and any lifestyle issues with a doctor in a tranquil environment

This is the ideal time to consider positive lifestyle changes with your doctor including giving up smoking, losing weight and taking more exercise can help. You can also assess your family history as you could be at risk of inherited conditions – this is the time to discuss the statistics and how you can reduce your risk of developing serious diseases. Specific health screening can be put in place if age, gender, family history and overall health suggest this may be helpful. Medicine is constantly evolving and early prevention and detection of disease are the watchwords.

Take control of your life and your health and book a health check with Dr. Barbara Karin Vela. Take time to discuss your concerns and any worries and debate lifestyle issues that you would like to improve in a caring and professional environment. Contact Dr. Barbara Karin Vela today to schedule an appointment.