With over 1,000 cases annually, breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer among women in the United Arab Emirates. Over 75% of all women who were diagnosed with breast cancer are still alive today, and over 98% of women whose breast cancers were found by screening are still alive today after five years. The survival rate for the disease has been rising over time. Women who are screened between the ages of 40 and 49 will have a 25% lower risk of dying from breast cancer, and women who are screened every year after the age of 50 will have a 25–30% lower risk.

The likelihood of survival is significantly higher the earlier cancer is discovered and treated. This is why routine screening visits are crucial since they guarantee that any early indications of cancer are found. All women, according to Dr. Barbara Karin Vela, should begin routine screenings at the age of 40. To ensure that any anomalies are found at the earliest possible stage, she also advises annual screening rather than every three years.

Dr. Barbara Karin Vela is aware of the anxiety and discomfort associated with getting a mammogram for breast screening. She has gone above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and cared for at every turn for this reason. Every mammography visit is allotted 30 minutes, so there’s no rush or pressure during the procedure, and you can ask as many questions as you like.

Of course, the true difference in each patient’s visit is Dr. Barbara Karin Vela. With over 30 years of experience, our lead mammographer ensures that our radiologists obtain the sharpest images possible to identify even the smallest abnormalities. She makes sure that everyone in her care is as relaxed and well-cared for as possible with her calm and friendly demeanour.

Don’t be afraid of mammograms! Remember that only 2 to 4 screening mammograms in 1,000 lead to a diagnosis of breast cancer. Contact Dr. Barbara Karin Vela today to schedule an appointment.