Medical Check Up Dubai | 30 September 2021

Going for a medical checkup regularly helps you avoid a wide number of diseases and catch other diseases early on. It also serves to keep you better-advised about your health, keep your physician or other doctors apprised on your health, and basically result in a healthier life.

1. Regular medical checkups include a number of physical and mental checks, making sure that your body and mind are fit and fine. These checkups are known as full body checkups for this reason – because they examine you from head to toe, almost literally. The reason this is done is to catch any disease early on, and so that you can be prescribed the right treatment for it.

2. Regular Checkups can help identify stress-related diseases.

Modern living is causing higher levels of stress in everyone and may even result in stress-related diseases and disorders which can manifest physically or even psychologically. A regular full body checkup will help your doctor diagnose such issues and also give you the opportunity to discuss stress to get the treatment that you need.

3. Yearly Checkups can help to identify blood test results

Most people know the symptoms of common diseases such as cold or a fever since these usually have physical symptoms. While this may suffice for smaller diseases, you may be suffering from something worse which can get worse without going for a checkup.

4. Periodic Health Checkups will make you more aware of your health

Many people take their health for granted, and most of us rarely visit a hospital or a doctor until we are actually sick and need treatment. This also makes us more likely to make poorer decisions regarding our health, especially when it comes to exercise and the food we eat.

5. Yearly Full Body Checkups can reduce healthcare costs over time

Let’s also not forget the time factor – getting sick can result in needing to take time off from work or school and can disrupt your entire lifestyle. A medical checkup every now and then ensures that you are healthy and decreases the chances of having to take a sick day, or even get admitted to the hospital.

Dr. Barbara Karin Vela recommends that patients get regular check-ups to help stay on top of their health, highlighting the importance of prevention, as a means to reduce the number of patients requiring medical treatment or surgery. Take charge of your health and schedule an appointment. Dr. Barbara Karin Vela offers a wide variety of services for exceptional treatment and care for you and your family.

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Dr Barbara Karin Vela is an International Member of Royal College Of General Practitioners, UK

Medical Check Up Dubai | 30 September 2021