Medical Check Up Dubai | 25 March 2022

Both acute and chronic conditions benefit from early diagnosis.

For example, heart conditions tend to remain undiagnosed until symptoms such as, chest pain and breathlessness become apparent.

An ECG can detect electrical conductivity issues or vessel blockages early. Medication and lifestyle changes recommended as a result, can help to prevent the progression of heart disease. This could potentially prevent a future heart attack.

A medical check-up is not only useful in detecting life threatening illness, it can also help with underlying health concerns which could be effecting your day-to-day energy levels. This includes thyroid function, hormone levels, nutrient deficiencies, and blood sugar. Small fluctuations in these delicate balances can have a big impact on our everyday wellbeing.

By identifying ways in which your lifestyle is affecting your overall wellness, health screens can help you to take positive steps towards a healthier you. This could include dietary changes, an exercise regime, smoking cessation, and stress management approaches.

At the bare minimum, everyone should make an effort to keep an eye on their BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and general vitality. Booking a medical check up can help to incentivise you to be more mindful of your health and address any bad habits.

Small changes in lifestyle can have huge long-term benefits on overall health and wellness. Knowing you are living a life that fully supports you in reaching your optimal health, can give you extra confidence and peace of mind.

Sporadic visits to a doctor are not always in-depth enough to thoroughly assess your family history. This means you could be at risk of having an inherited condition, which may manifest itself later in life. By knowing your risks, you might be able to make lifestyle changes to lessen the likelihood of developing certain hereditary diseases. Diabetes, heart failure and hypertension can run in families, but a healthy lifestyle can help to counter-compensate for some genetic disadvantages.

Medical check ups with Dr. Barbara Karin Vela can help find serious health issues before they become a problem. It tells you your health status and where your health is heading. They are for everyone, meant to guide you with your lifestyle, your diet and show you if you are heading towards any kind of disease, or if you already have a disease.

Got a specific health concern? Give yourself one less thing to worry about with some added reassurance on any concerns you may have.

Dr Barbara Karin Vela is an International Member of Royal College Of General Practitioners, UK

Medical Check Up Dubai | 25 March 2022