Regular medical checkups are a great way to discuss any troubling health concerns and avoid them before they even become serious.

Rather than waiting for problems to surface, a health check gives you time to discuss your concerns and lifestyle issues with your Dr. Barbara Karin Vela in a calm environment

Regular check-ups can detect health risks at an early stage and may even lead to problems. Both chronic and acute diseases can benefit from early detection, and the biggest concern for everyone is cancer, as early detection can greatly improve positive outcomes

Talk to Dr. Barbara Karin Vela about positive lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking, losing weight, and getting more exercise. Assess your family history as you may be at risk for genetic disorders – now is the time to discuss statistics and how to reduce your risk of serious disease. Specific screenings can be done if age, gender, family history, and general health indicate that it may be helpful.

Having regular health check ups is empowering rather than something to be worried about Take control of your life and your health and book a health check with Dr. Barbara Karin Vela. Take time to discuss your concerns and any worries and debate lifestyle issues that you would like to improve in a caring and professional environment. Contact Dr. Barbara Karin Vela today to schedule an appointment.